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[Nov. 15th, 2004|12:28 am]


thanks to everyone who showed up for the half a loaf of knit fu photo at holland hall.

i would've posted something in here about it forwarning people of it, but i really didn't know about it.

also. most people who are members of half a loaf on live journal don't actually go to holland hall.

but still. so many people showed up. people i didn't even know were interested in the club. arielle is kissing me in the picture. it's real cute. sam's looming over me. langdon and carder and someone else are looming over liz. and stacey's standing next to me going "YEAH" with her thumbs up. whipple and taylor are holding up signs that read "We started Simpson's Club last year" and "That's right, we started Simpson's Club last year." everyone else (ana, kathryn, katie, meaghan, and lots others) are standing around looking real cute. well, we are quite the characters, aren't we?

keep on rockin' on.


(p.s.: i WILL schedule a meeting soon, but the last meeting's poor showing (me, stacey, sam, and someone who doesn't even go to our school) discouraged me.)